Network - Authentification - Problem

By t-shooter
Aug 18, 2007
  1. Hi folks,
    my problem is the following.

    I am using Windows XP Professional and I am connected to a Windows Small Business Server 2000 Network.
    I connect to the internet through a ISA-Server ("Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server"; Version 2000) which, serves also as firewall / proxy / dhcp.

    Therefore, I have installed the Microsoft Firewall Client (FWC).

    IE and firefox work properly if I type in the proxy-settings.
    If i do the same in MSN Messenger or Skype, the services don't work.
    According to the networkadmin, all the required ports are open. (Which I believe, because the problem only exists at my machine.)
    (fyi: AntiVirus-definition-downloads work properly, if i type in the proxy details.)

    After installing FWC, it shows an icon in the notification area.
    There are three 4 states:
    red cross -> no connection to the ISA Server
    red arrow down -> disabled
    nothing (but the sign) -> configured
    green arrow up -> connected to the isa-server

    here's the intresting thing:
    IF the green arrow is up, everything, even MSN Messenger and Skype etc. work properly.
    But my problem is, that i only get the sign, without anything ("configured"), so i can use only my web browser.

    Does anybody know here, what I should do to get this "green arrow up" again?
    (I tired:
    - re-setting up my computer (it was anyways time)
    - repairing the network-connection
    - rebooting the computer
    - restarting the FWC )

    if anybody knows if I can do anything, please help.

    Thanks alot.

    t-shooter. (for once not shooting problems, but being shot at.)

    Keep it simple. As simple as possible, but no simpler.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,138   +985

    the proxy on the server is protected by the REAL firewall.

    given that, your FWC is really unnecessary. *IF* you wish to protect your
    client from inbound access, then keep it but allow all outbound traffic by adding
    this rule
    allow tcp/udp any src, any dest, ports 0-65535​
    config your MSN and Skype to use your proxy settings and the above rule
    will then let the proxy receive your traffic
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