Network card recommendations?


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So I'm in the market for a new wireless card for my desktop. The last one I bought was a piece of crap from the start. You don't generally see network card reviews. Was wondering what some good quality options would be.


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The best option would probably be a dual-band one that has 802.11ac support; if you've got an AP that supports the standard, it'd be worthwhile investing in that kind of card. They can be kinda expensive though (usually around $100 from what I've seen).


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There's more to the performance of the card than just the specs. I'd read the reviews, and then consider the environment that you are going to be using this card. Another words are you living in a multi store home, with a lot of tile work everywhere? Are there a lot of electrical devices such as microwave owen, etc in the vicinity of where your router is ?

Keep in mnd that you can adjust the channel you are using in the router's settings, also usie difeerent encryption types that will actually make a valid impact on the performnace of the newly purchased card. Is everyone in your neighberhood also transmitting on the same frequency as you. Just as a side note... *nerd*