Network connection speed Crawls at best

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Jun 16, 2006
  1. here's a doozie,
    i'm running a barton 2500 on an asus a7n8x-x with a Gb of ram. a few days ago, i notice the network speed is brutal. or sometimes non-existant. i called the isp to see if i could get some free help... but as the connection was only slow on that computer, there wasn't a whole lot they could do. i figured the onboard network card died, so i installed a different one (pci d-link DFE-538TX) that i knew worked. guess what?? still the same symptems. so, i figured since my intentions were to re-install windows at a later time, i might as well do it now. same problem even after a fresh install. so, dead/dying mobo? thanks for any help.
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    have you checked the cable or port from where the cable goes in router
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    sam, cable works fine
    fast, should i use optimal settings? 'cause if so, then i still have the same problem.
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    make sure you delete the entery for the onboard network
    find it in registery do search for tcp/ip reg for complete address
    find device and delete
    then with all deleted reinstall the card
    try a slot away from agp or other if you can
    load drivers
    if you cannot see net try ping another machine
    if you can your almost there
    set card to static ip
    of chance your router is not blocking that port check your router for dhcp this really should be disabled you don't need if using static card config
    i don't beleive it the MB the onboard and pci slot could not go bad at same time
    I/O controller may need updated
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