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By waterproof
Sep 2, 2008
  1. I want some people to help me answer these questions, tried google but doesn't give the answers I wanted, this is for my assignment, it'd be appreciated if anyone could help so I can use it for reference, thank you.


    What are 3 main reasons networks are created?

    What are 2 types of networks used in industry?

    What does NOS stand for?

    3 types of OS that used in a P2P network

    What is a client/server based network? & the roles are/

    Networks are broken up into 3 main areas LANs PANs WLANs and WANs, what are 3 characteristics of each of these networks?

    What are the steps to take if your network failed

    the OSI has 7 layers, what are those layers & what is each layer used for?

    Protocols are vital aspect of communication within a network. List and explain 3 protocols used with a network

    What are the 4 numbers in a IP address called

    what is NAT and SPI why are they important?

    What is a network topology?

    There are 5 classes of addresses what are these addresses and what are they used for?
  2. InsaneVr6

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    Well i dont know the answer to all of them but ill answer what i can...

    1. Networks are created for home, professional, and sharing uses. (Home use for securly sharing files and internet connections for multple computers. Professional use for administrators to monitor employers and keep things in order. Sharing files use because networks are easily manipulated to host millions of files through a server via the internet.

    2. Two types of networks would be file sharing networks and secure file hosting networks

    3. Haha not sure what NOS your talking about....unless its nitrous oxide

    4. Three types of OS (if that means operating system) is virutally and Windows PC or Mac (some linux depedning on the version)

    5. A client/server based network is usually used when an administrator needs to monitor other computers on a network (usually used for business). The client half of the program needs to be installed on the 'administrative' pc and the server half of the program needs to be installed on the (or all) pc's that need to be monitored. (an example would be VNC programs)

    6. WAAAAY too complicated that shouldnt be hard to look up via google if you do it individually)

    7. If a network failes theres usually a prompt saying to contact the network administrator, which in some cases is you. Its always good to keep logs of the networks so you can go over them if something happens and look for an error, then you can execute a way to fix it. Worse come to worse you just save what you can and start over.

    8. Sorry never heard of OSI, google should give you some links for info on it and if i found out enought about it then i will post.

    9. Not sure why i cant think of a third protocal but i have two for you. Networks usually use Messenger/Mail protocols so everyone on the network can communicate with each other. Another protocal would be something called FTP (file transfer protocol). This is used to share files via a server/host computer within the network.

    10.....There are alot more numbers than 4 in an IP address so you would have to be more specific

    11. Iv heard of NAT which as far as i know has something to do with the way the internet communicates with a device (could be wrong). Not sure about SPI

    12. Network topology is a visual way of undestanding links and nodes of a network. Compare it to geography which is the study of land. Well topology is the study of the arrangment of mapping of connections throught the net.

    13. Not sure what you mean by "classes" of addresses but there things like IP addresses and Internet Addresses (like

    Well i hope i helped. Anyone else who reads this who wants to edit what i put or correct me lol then feel free cuz im here to learn 2. I also think that it would be very benificial to you (waterproof) to look some of this up yourself and not just post your questions because you have homework and you want to be done fast. (been there)
  3. waterproof

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    Thanks so much for the help, appreciate it mate :)
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