Networking issues! (XP)

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Jan 26, 2003
  1. I brought over my new computer over to my friends house, we networked the 2 computers together with a cable and ran the XP networking wizard, the cable WAS connected but an error message popped up saying ' the cable is disconnected '

    You can imagine how frustrating this is when the cable is new and definitly is a network cable.

    I am now trying to network an XP computer and a Windows 98 computer. What do I do to fix this??
  2. Phantasm66

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    Are you using a crossed network cable with no hub, or 2 regular straight through cables and a hub?

    You can't use a straight through cable between two machines without a hub. The send is then connected to send, and the receive to receive. You need a crossed cable, or with a hub and 2 cables, the cross is made in the hub.
  3. volume3k

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    So I need to go and buy a crossed cable? Im fairly new to this networking stuff, what is the visual difference between the 2 cables? or is there?

    I once got 2 cpu's networked to each other with just the 2 cpus and one cable. I just want to do that again!

    So just to make it clear, do I have to buy a crossed cable now?
  4. Nodsu

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    Yes, you need to buy a crossover cable.

    Usually crossover cables they are colored red or sth bright and/or have "crossover" printed on them. But it may just as well be that the guy in store crimps you a crossover from plain cable and you have to mark it yourself.

    You can see the difference between a crossover and a plain cable by looking at the plugs. When it's straight through, the wire color pattern is the same in both ends. For a x-over they are different.
  5. Phantasm66

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    Depending on who made the cable, it might only be recognisable when you actually just examine the wiring into the connectors at the ends of the cable - they will be different, as opposed to a straight through cable which will be the same.

    Anyway, just ask the store and they will give you one. Otherwise, maybe you should buy a cheap 5 port hub. If so, go for a 100mbps.
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