Networking Mac and XP

By Forsberg
Aug 31, 2005
  1. I'm extremly new to Mac. Experienced with Xp. Can these two OS be networked together?
  2. jobeard

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    oh yea {OS X is trivial, OS 9.* with extra OEM software} :)
    First, create identical user ids on both machines.
    On the Mac, your Public::Drop Box will be available to the PC
    ...and any Shared Folders on the PC accessible by the Mac
    Both systems need to allow access on the LAN ip address for ports 135,445

    On the Mac, set a maching name via System Preferences-> Sharing
    Under the Services Tab
    check the Personal File Sharing and Windows Sharing boxes
    The Firewall tab will adjust to what you just did,
    and Under the Internet tab
    Internet Sharing should be OFF. If ON, click the STOP button

    From the Mac, use the GO menu to access Connect To Server
    click Browse. You should see the PC name, which says you have the above correct.
    Double Click the PC icon and you get a SMB Authentication dialog.
    If you have the right user/pwd, you get a drop-down list of the PC shares,
    choose one and click ok
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