Networking problem with TCP/IP

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Oct 23, 2003
  1. I'm am going to try and give you all the details of the problem i am having.

    ok i have 4 pc's that are all networked. Left, Right, Compaq, and Ryan_4. Left is the pc i am having problems with. I am able to share Files and see all the pcs in MY Network Connections with all computers. I am able to ping using Left to other pcs, but i cannot ping Left using other pcs. like, i can ping "From Left to Right." but i cannot ping "From Right to Left." I can connect to other games that are IPX like Quake 3, but i cannot connect to games that use TCP/IP like Counter-Strike. I have installed a different LAN card using different drivers. Then i have switch ports/pci slots between my LAN card and Modem, But i am still unable to get it to work. If there is anyone that can help me it would greatly appreciated.
  2. LNCPapa

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    That sounds typical of the effects of a firewall on Left. I think that's your issue. Make sure you're not using ICF or have the appropriate ports open on machine Left. Also sounds like ICMP Echo requests are turned off on Left (part of firewall - more than likely.)
  3. Justin

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    Just FYI, the computer names and the computers listed in network neighborhook / my network places has nothing to do with TCP/IP, that is all NetBIOS protocol, which exists over NetBEUI, and just happens to use TCP/IP as well if it is present.
  4. Rick

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    My bet is on a firewall.
  5. poertner_1274

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    That is a good assumption, as I had almost the same problem with my firewall losing my trusted settings, and all I had to do was re-add them and all worked fine from there on.
  6. kakarotto286

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    Thank you guys for your help. I cannot disable my firewall in Windows XP because it gives me a message saying something like Cannot find settings, you may have to restore the last store point with system restore. But i disabled system restore and i am probably going to do a format on Left. Not to worry i have 3 other pcs connected to copy my stuff to, lol.
  7. Rick

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    No reason to format... There must be some way around it. :)

    Have you tried uninstalling your network adpater in device manager and then reinstalling it? This will basically reset your network configuration and services for that network device.

    I imagine this would give you the opportunity to disable the XP firewall.

    The XP firewall, by the way, is known to block LAN traffic.
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