New AGP Card makes Windows hang on startup - VGA problem

By Jigsawn
Jan 19, 2005
  1. New AGP Card makes Windows hang on startup - VGA problem?

    Hi folks. After much pain trying to get my new graphics card working I sent it back thinking it was bust. My lovely new (different model) one arrived today and yes, the same problem happens - argh!

    Card is AGP. I remove all Nvidia drivers using Remove Programs. Also I use driver cleaner to make sure all Nvidia drivers are gone. Then turn off PC, insert the new card and reset. Windows XP Pro begins to boot up. During the loading screen it switches to VGA mode, and then does nothing for ever.

    I've done plenty of rummaging to see whats wrong and drivers seem to be the most likely culprit. Can anyone explain to me the process of deleting drivers and keeping the correct ones. According to my card instruction manual, I should delete my current VGA driver before inserting the card. When I delete my Nvidia drivers does that include a VGA driver? Is there any way I can do a purge of all graphics related drivers?

    In my bios its set to boot VGA from AGP. Seems like something is up with my VGA - can anyone help me narrow it down?


    PC Info:

    MOtherboard - Asus P4S8X
    New Graphics Card - V9999GT GForce 6800 128 mb DDR AGP
    Old Graphics Card - GeForce Ti 4200 (still works when I plug it back in)
    Powersupply - more than enough
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