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Jul 6, 2008
  1. I just bought a new computer, and set everything up and the computer is not recognizing the internet connection. When I go to setup an internet connection it tells me to connect to a broadband connection and requires a username and password. The computer is the only one in the house, and is plugged directly into the modem from Time Warner. I have never set up a username or password through my ISP.

    When my computer tries to find the broadband connection it says it is connectiong through the WAN miniport. I have bought a new ethernet cord and still no connection. The modem is lit up all the way until PC/Activity and Standby have no lights on. So I assume there is no connection between the modem and PC. I have walked through Dell troubleshooting and they ran diagnostics that told me the network card is ok because we did an ipconfig and a "ping localhost" and it sent and received.

    Dell is going to send a tech to the house to replace my motherboard but I figured I would try posting here just in case someone knows a quick fix. I even installed my old network card to the new computer and still no luck.

    Please help.
  2. raybay

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    Do you have red or yellow flags in the Device Manager? (Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager)
    Have you attempted to reinstall your drivers, despite what Dell says?
    The IP Config shows the problem is elsewhere. Have you talked to Time Warner tech support?
    You can test by intalling a PCI ethernet card and driver. If that works, it is your board.
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    There are no flags on any of the drivers. The only message I get is network cable unplugged. The old computer was just fine with the internet hookup. The only thing that has changed is I called TWC because my cable tv was messed up and they said they would strengthen the signal they were sending. That just happened to be the same day I hooked up the new computer and no PC/Activity light now.

    Yes all the drivers have been reinstalled and all devices are shown as working properly. I even hooked up the network card from the old computer and still nothing. Dell said they would send a Tech out to replace the motherboard, but before they do that, I am exchanging the modem at TWC just in case that is the problem. Would the signal boost have damaged the modem or any other cords?
  4. raybay

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    You will get the Network Cable Unplugged error with a lot of different Ethernet connection problems, including a driver failure or a hardware failure.

    When the Dell person shows up to install your new board, be sure they install the EEPROM password file, and be sure they test the connection before they leave... Dell doesn't pay them enough to do what needs to be done... but they do insist upon a phone call that you are happy with the work, so be sure you are happy in their rush to get out of there.
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    you are talking about the wizard that pops up right? list the options that are list I cant remember off the top of my head but if you list them I can help.
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