New computer help

So I recently made a new computer. when I got my final parts in the computer would turn on. the fans worked and the graphics card's light was on. but there was no display on the screen I was using and after around 7-10 seconds it would turn itself off. but then turn back on and repeat itself nonstop. any idea what I can do to fix this .


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There is a normal memory training part that happens when you first build a computer that turns the monitor on and off as the system reboots a couple times and then there is another part where the monitor goes dark as the video driver is installed when Windows first comes up. I have learn to chill and not look at new builds for a bit. I do builds all the time and it always makes me think there is something wrong and I have to catch myself and say "Self...just leave it alone and let it do it's thing"

If you think the above is not your situation then the best idea I have is to list parts you have and how you come to choose them and then what you have done (so far) to get out of this jam. That way we don't give you instructions on things you have to done already.