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  1. Im in the business of looking to purchase a new desktop computer for gaming. I will be playing Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, and maybe Battlefield 3. I want the PC to be near top of the line, being able to run these games at a solid 30fps or more, on medium to ultra graphic settings. Besides that, I also do intense 3d Modeling that really requires a top notch machine considering I move around near 30k polygons on a good work day (or bad work day, considering the computers performance :))

    Ive narrowed it down to a few choices, but that certainly dosent mean I wont stray away from them.

    This is the MAIN option im really looking for input on.
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    you sure you don't want to put the parts together yourself? If I bought a "top of the line" PC and it only produced 30fps I would seriously hurt someone. You are aiming for a steady 60+ fps. The higher the resolution and advanced graphic settings the lower your fps gets hence why a discrete GPU is needed. @1080 and @60+ FPS should be your goal (unless your monitor supports a higher resolution). You could spend $1100 in parts and get a computer that will outperform the ones listed by quite a bit. Each ones you picked have problems with the builds. You would want the 2700k CPU of the one and the 560ti from the other and the board from yet another. You should find out if they all come with an actual Windows 7 disk or is it pre-installed only.

    If what you want to do is game just add a 570/580 and a PSU to something like this. This is to give you an idea that 40-50% of your build cost should be the GPU and PSU. There are obviously better bundles to be found than this.

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