New hard drive and no sound - help

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Nov 30, 2008
  1. Hello,

    I bought a second hand PC that didn't work, with a new hard drive it does now. But there's no sound and if i click on the volume control it says there's no mixer, I'm only using the monitor for sound, by the way. I have tried installing fresh nForce 2 sound drivers to no avail. Any suggestions?

    Mainboard : Asus A7N8X2.0
    Chipset : nVidia nForce2 Ultra 400
    Processor : AMD Athlon XP @ 1833 MHz
    Physical Memory : 512 MB (2 x 256 DDR-SDRAM )
    Video Card : RADEON 9500 SERIES
    Hard Disk : SAMSUNG (40 GB)
    DVD-Rom Drive : SONY DVD-ROM DDU1621
    CD-Rom Drive : ATAPI CD-RW 52XMax
    Monitor Type : 17 inches
    Network Card : Nvidia Corp nForce MCP-T Networking Adapter
    Network Card : 3COM Corp, Networking Division 3C920B-EMB Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller
    Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
    DirectX : Version 9.0c
  2. turbo1

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    please do this:

    click Start > Run then type dxdiag & hit enter.

    a dxdiagnostic tool screen will open,

    at the lower part of the screen,click "save all informations".

    a report will be generated in notepad,save it to your desktop

    and attach the file/report to your next reply.
  3. kimsland

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  4. Darren192

    Darren192 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks to both of you - Kimsland's first suggestion worked, excellent.
  5. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Thanks for the update :grinthumb
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