New Hardware Wizard won't stop

By Doctor Gallop · 4 replies
Jul 13, 2008
  1. I have installed an HP LaserJet 3150 [Printer/Scanner/Fax].
    I used the CD-Rom which came with the unit. It set up and loaded fine, but now whenever I have to start up or reboot my computer, I get the pop up window that says: "Found New Hardware Wizard".
    It keeps telling me it has found new hardware and will install it for me!
    If I click on "cancel' it comes right back at least another 3 times!
    Is there a way to disable this program?
    Thank you, any advice would be appreciated.
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    found new hardware wizard


    i am having problems with the found new hardware wizard. Everytime i turn my pc on i keep getting the found new hardware wizard for my cd drive, my dvd drive and my hard drive but they are all installed properly and in device manager there is no yellow explamation marks so im not understanding why this is happening!

    I would appreciate any help as this is really fustrating

    thanks in advance
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    Start a new thread here;
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    Doctor Gallop
    Is your problem fixed yet? As if the drivers are installed there is a known problem with printers/XP take a look here if this applies/helps

    Are you also still having a problem? Your issue doesn't revolve around a printer so not sure the KB posted above applies.. but if your problem continues please start a new thread as previously requested​
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