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By ImiStatue
May 27, 2013
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  1. Hi all!
    I am going to be buying 2 new HDD's and would like to setup a raid0 on them using windows 7 64bit. I also would like to install a 3rd (SSD)(for Ubuntu) type drive in my optical bay. I have no clue as to the proper order for this operation(optical replacement first or raid setup first).

    I am not totally new to computers but I have mainly worked with desktops before. (I do understand my laptop though as I have opened it up for HDD and RAM upgrades, and the Optical bay looks pretty simple with only a few screws to remove.

    I need step by step instructions for the raid0 setup, and where to get the drivers for it if windows 7 64bit DVD does not have them already. The installation of the SSD into the optical bay is no problem nor is installation of the dual Hybrid drives I'll be getting so it's mostly the software setup of things for the raid0.

    I was going to enter some links to the gear I would like to get, but this site gave me some BS about Kismet. So I will leave them out for now. Let me know if you need to know the gear to help me here. For now my system is the G74sx.

    If there is a better bay replacement, HDD, or SSD that you know(and has awesome reviews) please let me know. I like to buy things on Amazon for the most part as the return process has been excellent for other things before(just in case). I should point out also that this rig will be gaming mostly with the ssd/ubuntu setup for everything else(and to play around with Linux for fun).

    Thanks Ahead.
  2. jobeard

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    Rule 1:- never use raid-x for a BOOT device.

    Rule 2:- don't assume that Raid-0 is "faster" or that Raid-1 "doesn't require backup"

    Rule 3:- Raid is a Server feature, not intended for the home user.

    Now then, go read all you can about Raid before you spend $0.10 more.

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