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New monitor, need information on IPS panels

By yRaz
Dec 23, 2010
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  1. I just bought a new monitor(being shipped now) and I have a slight concern about response time. It is an E-IPS panel with a 14ms response time. I game a lot, but my main concern is color accuracy and black levels. I am wondering how much ghosting to expect. I have read other places that even though something might say 2-5ms GTG, that it may still have a response time of 10-15ms. I don't think the ghosting will bother me, I just want to know what to expect. From what I have read this monitor will do everything I need it to do as far as photo editing and graphic design.

    I have read that IPS and PVA panels are rated differently in their response times from TN or TFT panels. The TN's and TFT's rating measure a grey-to-grey response and my IPS panel is rate a full black-to-white.

    The monitor is the ViewSonic VP2365wb

    I have owned a TN panel in my 245BW and I currently have a TFT in my Hanns G HW191A. I have some experience with with the Apple Cinema displays, I don't know if they have PVA or IPS panels, but I didn't notice any ghosting. I have also used one of the Asus LEDLCD monitors, I didn't like it at all.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    The ViewSonics specs look good, and it should perform fine. I have a SyncMaster 245bw monitor, and I love it
  3. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,497   +2,294

    Well, since TN panels have nothing much to offer other than speed, they optimize that with the G to G spec. Response time such as the 10 to 14 Ms relating to your IPS monitor are more than likely the white to black specs you're aware of. I have seen both G to G and black to white associated with the same monitor, and the specs of your new panel are probably on the order of 6 to 8 ms G to G.

    What I consider the only problem with this, (and my similarly specificationed Dell), is the 300 nit brightness. They are a bit dull, especially when compared to a 24" HP 16:10 IPS I have sitting next to it, with a 400 nit brightness. Don't get me wrong, it's bright enough, but still I'd like a bit more pop from it.

    I believe that the panel itself is probably grown by LG, and rebranded by several makers, including Dell. There are at least 3 monitors released fairly recently, based on the 23" 1920 X 1080 16:9 panel, either classified as "E-IPS" or "H-IPS".

    The glory that is an IPS screen, is the beauty of such a monitor being able to make human skin, appear as human skin. Simply said, but no mean feat, electronically.

    Incidentally, the term "TFT" stands for "thin film transistor". So, a TN panel is also a TFT panel, it's not really two different things.

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