New motherboard and raid 10

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Jan 25, 2008
  1. I have a Raid 10 set up using 4 WD Raptor HDD's on a Promise Fastrack TX4200 controller. I wish to upgrade my motherboard. Will I have to do a clean OS install?
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    Probably not.. Even if it BSODs on some other device than the storage controller (which will remain the same), you can always do a repair install or disable the problematic driver while still using the old motherboard.

    And yesh, you can mess around with sysprep too if you like.
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    Thanks Guy's, My new mobo is a P5K-E which supports a Raid 10 but I thought I would stick with the Promise card and take the easy road. Thanks again for the help. Cheers
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    The onboard RAID is not an option unless you want to lose all your data! Your Promise array will work only with another Promise controller.
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