New motherboard\video card issue

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Nov 19, 2006
  1. I purchased a new Gigabyte GA-K8NPRO-SLI motherboard with new components to build a new system. The only part that I am reusing is my video card and that is pretty much new as well.

    The video card is a Radeon 9250 PCI 256MB.

    The problem is that when I have the video card installed the system wont post.

    I put in an even older video card (Vodoo 3dfx) and the system booted up with no problem. I installed the Radeon video card on a separate system and it worked fine.

    Any ideas? I am completely stumped.
  2. DonNagual

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    Go into your bios and check the "init vid display" or something to that effect (it varies from bios to bios).

    You have to tell it to look at your PCI slot (it is probably only checking the PCI-e slots right now).

    Edit: you say the Vodoo 3dfx card works in your system? That is also a PCI card right?
  3. Mags755

    Mags755 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes, the Vodoo is also PCI so I dont understand how it could boot up fine with the Vodoo(a much older card) and then not even post when the Radeon is installed in the same PCI slot.

    I guess I will go look at the bios.

  4. DonNagual

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    Another possibility is the PSU. What make is it, how many watts is it, and how many amps on the +12v? You can find all this info on the sticker.

    This would make sense if it is a PSU issue. It may have enough to power the older card, but not the 9250 (although.... the 9250 wouldn't need much more than a simple 300w psu).
  5. Mags755

    Mags755 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks. I have a 500 watt PS. I dont think that is the issue.

    Well, I just went into the BIOS and set the "init dispay" to PCI and it still won't boot up at all with the Radeon card in there.

    I guess I will see if Gigabyte has any ideas.

    I just doesnt make sense that the Radeon card works fine on another system but not mine. And that the PCI Vodoo will work on my system.

    thanks for the help.
  6. Tedster

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    Possibility that a new motherboard like that won't tolerate older cards like PCI for graphics.
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