New Mystery - dark blue around icon titles

By macx
Aug 4, 2007
  1. Been using XP Pro SP2 and Office Pro 2000
    for a couple years, never had this happen before.

    I copied a picture to paste it in a document.
    (been awhile, forget exactly if it was Word or whatever)
    When I pasted it, a window popped up asking if I
    wanted to leave the picture on the clipboard to make
    it available to paste into other applications or documents -
    basically for further use. I mis-aimed and clicked Yes.

    Ever since then, the title of every icon I have on the desktop
    is highlighted (right term?) - has a dark blue rectangle around/behind it.

    I went into the clipboard toolbar and cleared it,
    restarted, but they're still there.

    I haven't discovered any problems they're causing,
    but they make me nervous.

    How to go back to "normal"?
    For that matter, why the dark blue -
    what does it signify?

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