New Processor Slower than old?!?!?

By Agent Ify ยท 9 replies
Oct 21, 2006
  1. Hello,

    I just got my new processor in the mail. It is a 3.4ghz Pentium 4 Prescott socket 478. I was running a 2.4ghz Pentium 4 Northwood. I upgraded my processor and for some reason the 3.4 is running wayyy slower than the 2.4. My cpu temp idle is 63c and under load its 70+c. I was thinking that since it was hot it was giving me bad performance. Is there a setting i need to change in my bios, it says im runing a 3400mhz which is correct. Is there a setting in windows? Im planning on buying a new heatsink do you have any suggestions for my rig?

  2. krismeister

    krismeister TS Rookie

    70c is very high.

    Maybe your processor isn't the bottle neck. How much ram do you have?
  3. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    If i were you i would do nothing more with it untill the new heatsink is on it!!!!
  4. Agent Ify

    Agent Ify TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    System Specs:

    3.4 Ghz pentium 4 prescott socket 478 processor
    1.5 gb of pc3200 ram
    256 ATI Radeon 9600 (overclocked)
    Maxtor 120gb hd(not sure speed)
    Fan is 2100-2700 rpm
    MoBo is a Asrock P4V88

    I also want to know what kind of thermal compound I should buy, there is this cheap 3 buck stuff at radio shack. Any suggestions? I am on a limited budget, I only have about 70 dollars to spend and I am also planning on buying the ATI Radeon x1600pro AGP 512mb chip.



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  5. Rik

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    Most people will say artic silver, but i have to say, im a big fan of the rs paste!!! Ive been using it fo over 10 years for many different things and recon its damn good for its money!!!! Got it on my cpu at the mo with no problems!!!!
  6. Agent Ify

    Agent Ify TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 25

    Thanks for the quick replys, Ok so get the radio shack paste or the artic silver paste, Now I need to decide on a heatsink and fan, Id like to go out to the store today and pick one up and avoid ordering it. Any suggestions of what kind of fan I should look at for my processor?
  7. Rik

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    Cant really help you there, im an amd man and im in the UK!!!!!
  8. SNGX1275

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    I have used both the Radio Shack silicon based compound and the AS 5. I saw improvements with both over the stock pad, bigger improvement with AS 5. But I may have screwed up the heatsink install a bit with the Radio Shack kind. Artic Silver isn't all that expensive anyway - well per gram it is, but a tube lasts several installations.
  9. sl33py

    sl33py TS Rookie

    I would guess HEAT. i know the intel's are good about slowing down the processor if it gets too hot. have you ran CPUID to see what speed it's running at - any temp monitoring to see if it's slower when it gets hot?

    Get better cooling - new H/S and fan at least. Any case fans moving air?

    good luck!

  10. mailpup

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    I did some cursory checking and the core operating voltages for the two processors are different even though they use the same socket. The Northwood range is 1.525 - 1.6V and the Prescott range is 1.25 - 1.4V. You might want to check the BIOS to make sure your new Prescott isn't being getting too much voltage which might account for the heat issue. If your BIOS isn't adjustable, there might be a BIOS update available from the motherboard manufacturer but I don't have a clue if it is.

    I'm not well versed on this issue but it's something I noticed that might be the problem.
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