New products shown to Apple's board 6-18 months before they launch

By Shawn Knight
Feb 20, 2013
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  1. During a recent speech at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, chairman of Appleā€™s board Arthur D. Levinson said members of the board are typically presented with new products anywhere between six and 18 months before they are revealed to...

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  2. So their only job is to hire and fire the CEO and after they fired Steve Jobs they would've been non-existent if not for Microsoft's investment and Steve Jobs returning.

    ...They had one job and messed it up catastrophically.
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  3. I have a suggestion for Mr. Levinson.

    Apple was issued USPTO patent D676438 yesterday, 02/19/2013 for an Electronic Device. Prior to last summer there was a locking slot called a USS - universal security slot. USS was provided for free by Apple to lock their MBP using a locking device supplied by others. New MBPR does not have USS. MBPR users now must purchase from others a really big and clumsy locking station provided with a USS.

    Apple receives and this is only my guess zero, nada or nothing from others securing an Apple MBPR. Apple has exclusive IP rights to sale of Lightning Cables why not an Apple locking device for MBPR?

    Mr. Levinson, call ACCO Brands and make an exclusive arrangement to use Clicksafe or Microsaver for Apple's exclusive IP rights to my patent pending locking device for
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    Stop talking about corporations and discuss technology and products I'm so bored of this corporate obsession that the web has. People no longer make a decision on whether to buy something based on the product itself, just the corporation which made it. Why should we give a sh1t what Apple do in their boardroom? Or are we meant to pretend this means something to us and we can infer something about what they produce from this slice of nothing?

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