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New Qi specification brings faster wireless charging

By Scorpus ยท 5 replies
Jun 25, 2015
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  1. The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the group behind the Qi wireless charging standard, has announced a new version of the specification that promises faster and more powerful charging in future Qi-compatible devices.

    The main new addition to this specification is the ability to deliver 15 watts of power through a Qi charger's inductive coils. The WPC claim this will increase the rate at which devices can be charged wirelessly, and while they aren't talking specifics about charging time, the group do compare this new standard to fast wired charging that provides 60 percent charge in 30 minutes.

    Like with most updated specifications of this kind, it's not forwards compatible, meaning you won't be able to quickly charge your existing Qi-compatible devices by purchasing a new fast charging mat. However, it's expected that a range of upcoming smartphones, charging mats and other devices will integrate the faster Qi standard soon, and all will be backwards compatible with older Qi products.

    Unfortunately, the WPC isn't talking specifics about when we'll see new devices hit the market with support for fast Qi wireless charging. This sort of technology was first shown off by Freescale Semiconductor late last year, so hopefully devices integrating this new Qi tech will hit the market towards the end of 2015.

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  2. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,286

    99.9% of the worlds population haven't even heard of Qi charging let alone use/used it and now it's already ver. 2. Maybe I'll try ver. 8 when it gets released in about fortnights time.
    What's so great about Qi charging anyway? You still need to be right on top of a charging station plugged into an a/c outlet anyway. Are people finding it a huge effort to plug a USB cable into their devices nowadays?
  3. agb81

    agb81 TS Booster Posts: 79   +38

    The sole reason I'd buy a qi charger for my G3 is to avoid wear and tear of the micro usb port.
    drjekelmrhyde likes this.
  4. messerchmidt

    messerchmidt TS Rookie


    hopefully they produce new coils,etc to add to older smart phones such as the note 4 and s5
  5. drjekelmrhyde

    drjekelmrhyde TS Evangelist Posts: 321   +112

    All of this. This is a blessing when piss drunk. just lay your phone down instead of fumbling around with a cable
  6. Satish Mallya

    Satish Mallya TechSpot Staff Posts: 187   +171

    It's useful when I go to bed and don't want to turn on a light.
    Micro USB cables are also unreliable due to wear - its not a nice feeling to wake up late because your phone wasn't cbarging., and is now dead.

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