New site ranks web services based on 'terms of service' agreements

Shawn Knight

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A new ratings system hopes to help web users deal with what they describe as the biggest lie on the web – "I have read and agree to the terms." The service is already live although an official launch is…

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It seems to be headed in a good direction but I wonder if the ratings could be "bent" the way imdb ratings sometimes obviously have been on movies with few accumulated rating responses. (Indies and student films seem to salt their own ratings a lot. ) Also, there's a red "X" icon beside some factors, most commonly for "no right to leave the service," and I'm not clear what that even means. For example, it says I have no right to leave Skype, but I can simply uninstall the app and I'm never under obligation to actually use Skype. So yeah, they still need to iron out a few wrinkles. Good idea though.