New Skylake 6700K or 5930K?

By Larsenex
Aug 4, 2015
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  1. I see that the new I7's are out and some information is being leaked on performance. I currently have a 3570K, with 16g ram and a GTX 970 video card. I was waffling on upgrading to an entirely new system next year (2016) but wanted to wait and see if the prices come down or if NEW chips were decidedly better.

    Would anyone like to chime in if they have first hand experience on the 5930K vrs the newer 6700K?

    Price and cost are not really a deciding factor in this issue. I was going to migrate from an I5 to an I7 an thought that the 5930K was a significant better chip and longer term investment (compared to my I5).

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