New to Windows server setups

By tgreaves
Dec 31, 2007
  1. I want to play around with using Windows server 2003 and Linux as servers for my home network..

    Currently I just use a Linksys router to do everything but thats going to change..

    Lets just say for the sake of arguement that im using the "demos" of the products listed below.. ;)

    Questions follow..

    #1. I know I need to use the Windows server w/ 2 network cards(one on cable modem and one on my hub) for NAT.. Should I also use this machine for DHCP and DNS? Should it also be a PDC for authenticating logins from my other machines?

    When using a windows machine for DHCP and DNS.. Lets say I want to allow my workstations to use the windows server DNS and get their dynamic ip address.. Is there any way to update the DNS server to apply the workstations new dynamic internal ip address and workstation machine name?

    Again when running windows server for DNS, I see that there is an option to forward DNS requests to another DNS server(my isp's dns server).. Since my isp can change my external ip address and also my isp dns address, is there any way to have windows automatically update what DNS server it forwards requests to?

    #2. I have previously use Linux with leafnode for my personal registered domain mail.. Is setting up and using exchange server too complex/overkill for a simple domain's mail? Does exchange require a dedicated server on its own or can I run that on the windows server machine?

    As I think of more questions or if I run into any problems ill ask them here but this should be plenty to get me started.. Someone help me.. Thanks in advance..
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    Why do you need to use the Windows server as the gateway? As for everything else.. It's all optional. Do you want these features?

    It's a tick box in the DNS setup of all Windows machines - register addresses in DNS:

    Your ISP will most certainly not change their DNS servers' addresses! Why would you think that? And even if it came to that, the change would be done gradually, one server at a time over many months or years. No, there is no builtin way to dynamically update the DNS forwarder address (no real need for it either).

    You can install Exchange on any Windows Server machine. The only point of this would be playing around though. Exchange is overkill for anything with less than 100 accounts and even then there would be better (and cheaper) alternatives.
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