New track - WHY ?

By mephisto_007
May 6, 2005

    Ok i just finish another track, it sound to me i've still need alot of improvement though...
    But hey this is only the beginning it hasn't actually started...

    Any suggestion for further improvment would gladly appreciated...

    Why ?
    Why ?

    Why, why - I have to know all the sh*t I –
    Why - I have to see what I don’t and won’t try?
    Why - am I considered bad when you are?
    Why - they try to shut me down when I’m fall?
    Why - they seek my thought when they - in need?
    Why - initiate to gain your advantage?
    Why - you act like you know me but you don’t?
    Why - we never friend try to getting my attention?
    Why - force me to decide - the way I live?
    Why - mislead me to drop into your trick?
    And why I have to – believing in your sh*t?
    Only conceive fault told to leave, what do I get?
    Why - am I perceived on both side of view?
    Why - I have to keep my anger tangle on my shoe?
    Why - you in my life my intense despise you?
    Try forgettin’ compromise – to separate from you?

    Why ?
    Why ?

    Why, why - you are the one that should be trust?
    Why - there is no one here that could entrust?
    Why - I have to ball and falling on my own?
    Why - none to share why tear on the pillow?
    Why - I have to show my weakness to test my instinct?
    Why - I couldn’t bare to fight and hear your yelling?
    Why - sibling’s brawl influence them to killing?
    Why - parent’s conflict affect children thoughts?
    Why - simplify despise my emotional?
    Why - family bleed even they try to seal it?
    Why – we need to kill each other for some dollar bill?
    And why – can’t we stop to think and start to chill?
    Why – Still I don’t understand what is life?
    Why - they pretend to like me - but they lie?
    Why – can’t nobody avoid reality?
    Why – can’t we live and die at the same time - in harmony?

    Why ?
    Tell me why ?
    Why ?
    Tell me why ?
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