new video camera.

By Fr3ddi30
Aug 1, 2007
  1. im getting a new video camcorder so i can take it on holiday with me and for messing about with my friends. hmm i had a sanyo in mind

    small, pocketsize, easy grip.
    im looking for a HDD one so i can simply load it up

    -i need one ideal for holiday (croatia)
    -a decent zoom
    -a decent digital zoom(whatever that is? explain)
    -i want it to be good quality, but it doesnt have to HD. and can someone explain megapixels? like the equivilents?
    -and i want it to have good memory, some sanyo ones only have 3gb :S
    -i dont want it to be really ugly
    - and it needs to be under £300ish.

    please give me some ideas. i cant stand using sites like kelkoo and slow review forums, they are so lagging and depressing. and i dont understand half the stuff they say. can someone explain what i need and how much memory i would want/need.

    thanks ppl
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