New video card Advice please

By Eddie_42
Jul 25, 2006
  1. Hello,

    Im looking at building a new PC and going from AGP to PCI-E.

    I am either looking at the Saphire x1600xt 256MB or a 7600GT. Ive compared several models of each and they seem to be pretty similar however there is a $50 price variation, the 1600 being the cheaper at $130, the 7600GT is about $180.

    Is there a major variation between these cards??

    also, who is a good brand to go through with the 7600?? ive used an MSI FX5700 for the past 3years so im i bit out of the loop on computer maker info.

    I might also set the cards up in crossfire or SLI, respectivley, in the future. I dont really want to spend more the $200 since Ive got to buy everything else new as well in the switch.

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