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Jun 24, 2005
  1. Right now I have a power spec 6238 with an athlon 2200+. All my games stoped working so I figured it was my video card . But I cant figure out which one to get . Willing to spend $100.

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    lol there both 100 bucks even, but i think you can get a ati 9800 for 100 ddroollors
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    Thanks i really need a card that can support halflife 2 , conterstrike , battlefield 2 and sims 2 can it support those?
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    Well i think the main problem you are going to have is your budget. In this case price refelcts performance, so the more you spend the better performance you will recieve. I would stay away from the 9800 that was posted. I have heard bad thingas about the Se version (it only has a 128-bit interface and is lower clocked). If you are willing to pay 20$ more, take a look this this 9800pro found here
    with its 256bit interface and 8 pixel pipelines, its a really good value.


    Note:these cards are agp 4x/8x you might want to check you expansion slots
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    i have the Radeon 9600 Pro.. bought it for 130$ Canadian.. so USD prolly a lil less than 100 (hence the 9800 pro is 120USD) it has 400clock, 600 on memory, both 128bit bandwidth on VPU n Memory..

    plays all those games very well (just dont use 6x AA and over 1280x1024 resolutions)

    i actually just got BF2 n was playing it at all high settings (cept resolution, set it at 800x600) and the card was fine.. it was my CPU n Ram that was sufferign the most.. the CPU light was on steady (it wasnt blinking constantly, but it was stead on most of the time lol) and my ram got eaten up in no time that my virtual memory even got maxxed.. so im guessing the card plays it fine

    as for CS, half life 2, its a good card for them... sims 2.. duno.. i dont have that game..

    well good luck choosin
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