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Apr 28, 2005
  1. Hi, im looking for a new video card,it needs to be less than $60 and I have a power spec, 6238 , I know my brother made a post like this but please anwanser mine my bro is swker.................................... Thanks for your help. :slurp: :stickout:
  2. vnf4ultra

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    Does it have an agp slot? Do you want to use the video for gaming, or just for adding a second monitor etc?

    Basically it'll be a ati 9250 or nvidia 5200, take your pick.
    Maybe like this?

    Not that a 9250 or 5200 will be very good, but better than integrated. For about $100 you can get a much better card, like a 9600xt
    or for about $135 you can get a 6600 agp that's much faster.
  3. swker98

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  4. thedoggy1012

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    well i want to play half life 2 and other good games and I do have an agp slot
  5. vnf4ultra

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  6. swker98

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    yea is it ok that its oem and y is it so cheep i got myne retail box from newehh 89.99 shiped
  7. vnf4ultra

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    I think the sapphire I listed is sort of in between retail and oem. I think it's called retail lite box. It has the card and drivers and a cable, and that's it. It doesn't have the goodies(games, etc) but it does have all the necessities. I think oem's don't come with anything but the card, and sometimes have a shorter warranty.
  8. AtK SpAdE

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    Hold up

    I think we are jumping the gun a little here....We are not even sure he has a AGP slot. Doggy if you take off the side of your case look for a slot the is ussualy brown, or green (but it could be a different color) the main thing to look for is a small hook coming off the end. Good Luck

  9. swker98

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