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By sosaved
Jan 2, 2007
  1. I currently had our Church office set up with a wired network. I am trying to set up a wireless network and now I can not get anything to communicate. We do not have iternet access as of yet, but the router I have is for broadband access. Can this router be used to set up a computer to computer network? I am trying to connect to a Xerox Tektronics printer as well. My whole purpose is to be able to connect to the printer with a laptop and be able to use the other PC's as well. Any of your expertise is greatly appreciated.:)
  2. Nodsu

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    Yes, you can most likely connect computers using the router even though you don't mention the exact type.

    Reading The Friendly Manual is always a good start. Go through the router set up guid, skipping the internet bit. Tell us where things went wrong after doing that.
  3. sosaved

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    I found out what my problem was. I had a computer that was not set up with an auto IP and once I changed it and reset the router things went well. I also had to reset the network config on the printer as well. So far things are working.
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