Newb needs basic help and advice

By vale46
Nov 28, 2009
  1. Hi all.
    Firstly, thank you for reading this and offering any advice. Aprrecaited.

    Here is my plite.

    I have a Packard Bell iXtreme 2613
    Core2 Quad Q6600 2,4GHz chip set.

    Link for spec.

    Now, i use a program called Poser7 and it needs processor power rather then fancy graphics cards so i thought this PC would be fine, but it aint, i need more CPU speed, buying another PC is out of the question but i am told that the Q6600 chip set is pretty good and i can get around 3GHZ - 3.?GHz out of it without too much trouble, problem is my MB wont let me OC it so i need to get another MB but i have no idea where to start, nor do i have any idea how to OC

    I have been told my a tech head at PC world that if i dont exceed 3GHz the fan i already have will be ok but i am up for any suggestions.

    I am ready to find out anything else needed regaridng model numbers etc and i am most gratefull for any help offered.

    I am also goint to buy a Full version of Windows 7 as i hear it works better for programs that do rendering like my Poser7 and 3DsMAX so a new board with no OS is what i need.

    Please keep the lingo basic as i have no idea about the workings of a PC really lol and the only abbreviations i know are the ones i used in this post hahaha

    Thank you and kindest regards,

  2. red1776

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  3. vale46

    vale46 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 160

    Hi there lol long time no see ;)

    I do remember you helping me out loads, thanks. We came to the conclusion that my MB wasnt compatable with being clocked so if i remember rightly you did say a new MB would be best.

    Do you still have my email address ?

    would love to take up were we left off.

    Thanks so much for replying ;)

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