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By KennySouthPark
Mar 21, 2008
  1. Hi all. Glad to have found this site and gotten great help already for my laptop (used to send this to forum) and some help for desktop.

    My problem seems to be with my desktop's cd/dvd rom drive while trying to do a repair of Windows XP. The CDs of the Win XP loads correctly when I use the "boot from CD" option of my Bios. The drive and CD are detected fine and the repair option works fine ..... until it finishes the initial setup and proceeds to reboot the system.

    This is where it gets the problem. When computer restarts and continues to finish the repair of Win XP and asks for the regions and product key, it asks for the Win xp CD w/SP2 (which I have) to load some needed files. Although I put in and replace the CD many times, (even choosing the browse button to find the drives/files) It keeps popping up the message window "There is no CD in the drive" . The cd/dvd drive doesn't spin and the light doesn't come on unless the cd is put in and the door is closed, yet the repair program still doesn't detect there is a drive to look at for the files.

    This leads me to believe that there is no driver of something being loaded for the CD Rom drives after the reboot. I tried skipping the files, but it ends up causing system to fail install and asks me to try reinstalling again, which I have done 4 more times with same results.

    I've checked all of Microsoft's Knowledgebase and been reading many links online, but none seem to tell me how to load up CD drivers on system starts that will also allow me to access my hard drive to continue the repair feature to continue.

    I've even downloaded programs to create a bootable CD, but they do not allow me access to switch to the Hard Drive to continue the repair issue without loading a WinPE that only takes me into a Windows environment.

    Can anyone help me out with this? Going into Safe Mode is not even an option since the repair was never finished.
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    If you press OK then OK again, I think it will then show you a browse in explorer, where you can browse to any file inside your Windows folder or Windows CD
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