Newegg now provides customer support via Facebook Messenger

By Shawn Knight
Apr 6, 2016
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  1. Newegg customers that need assistance from the company’s support team now have another avenue to turn to. The computer hardware and software retailer said on Wednesday that it’ll begin offering customer support through Facebook’s Messenger platform.

    Merle McIntosh, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Newegg, said they are investing heavily in mobile and that offering support via Messenger is the next important step to provide customers with the best possible mobile experience.

    As you may know, Newegg already offers support options via e-mail, text message, voice calls and online chat.

    Customers have a couple of different ways to reach Newegg via Facebook. One option is to simply visit Newegg’s Facebook page and send a message through that interface. Alternately, users can search for Newegg directly from within Messenger to start a conversation.

    Newegg notes that customer support representatives will be on hand during regular business hours (Monday – Friday: 5:30 am PDT – 5:30 pm PDT, Saturday: 8:30 am PDT – 5:00 PDT, Sunday: Closed). Messages received after hours will be handled the following business day.

    With the move, Newegg becomes one of the first companies to pilot Messenger for Business which Facebook introduced at its F8 conference in 2015.

    Just last month, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced that travelers can now check in, receive flight confirmation, access boarding passes, get flight updates and more – all through Facebook Messenger. The multi-function platform also allows users to hail an Uber or Lyft as well as send or receive money from friends and family.

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  2. Harring

    Harring TS Rookie

    One of the first? Months after I used it to contact he customer support of Dell and get help through facebook messenger.

    Might want to change it one of the first in the US, many Swedish companies already offer customer support this way and has a long time.
  3. Luurch

    Luurch TS Enthusiast Posts: 30

    So a few months ago I ordered a 980 Ti GTX from the egg...Ordered on Wednesday, shipped on Friday, for in stock item, and didn't receive until Monday. Even if the order had gone in Thursday, paying for one day shipping was 3 times what I wanted to pay but I was in kind of a hurry. Their response was well the order didn't go through until Friday and we shipped it Friday and since UPS doesn't deliver on the weekends, it was still shipped in one day, according to them. Problem is I know someone that worked for UPS for over 35 years, one day delivery is one day delivery. Pfffft on new egg and them answering any messages.
  4. Newegg_Support

    Newegg_Support TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Hello Luurch,

    We are sorry you had that experience. Could you email us at so we can look into that further for you?

    Newegg Support,

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