Newly built computer keeps freezeing. Can you help?

By mista409
Jul 6, 2006
  1. Ok,I just built me a computer based off my old dell 8300,I bought a asus P4S800D-X and I also have ddr sdram dimms 1 gig each and I have 2,I took my ram ans my 3.20 p4 proccessor out socket 478 and put it on the new motherboard,ok so when I run windows,everything was working fine,when I run my music programs my proccessor is pushing about 40 % on fruityloops just on the demo song,sometimes when I just play normal music on my media player it jumps,so does fruity loops program,when I metion jumping I mean like a instant slow like watching a movie,all of a sudden the movie kinda slow then pause then jumps back on. I try to check for over heat in my cpu,it was running at about 40 degrees C then 127 to 147 F at first,thats becuase I ending up putting to much thermal paste,but now its down 36 C to 97 F. Can some one tell me whats going on? I mean doing normal things like browsing it seems fine,but when I run my programs it acts funny,it will do it anytime out of no where,it sounds like matrix when the agents change into other people,that errrr computer sound. Is it my proccessor thats screwed up? Plzz help me.
  2. korrupt

    korrupt TS Rookie Posts: 716

    Wow, that is one long sentence. Check if your Graphics Card has sufficient breathing space to prefent over heating. Just checking the temp of cpu is not sufficient. Also, try to keep things a bit less complicated by writing several sentences instead of just the one with 600 comma's.

    Good Luck


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