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Next-gen Moto 360 smartwatch reportedly coming in two sizes

By Scorpus
Aug 17, 2015
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  1. While Motorola did announce a compelling range of new smartphones a couple of weeks ago, there was one notable absence from their event: the launch of a second generation Moto 360. The good news is that a follow-up to Motorola's attractive Android Wear smartwatch is on the way, and thanks to Brazilian telecoms agency Anatel, some details about the watch have appeared online.

    Anatel is essentially the Brazilian equivalent of the FCC, and recently two different Moto 360 models were submitted for testing: the '360S' and the '360L'. This indicates the Moto 360 will come in two sizes, similar to how the Apple Watch is available in 42mm and 38mm variants.

    Unfortunately Anatel's documentation doesn't reveal any further details about the upcoming Moto 360 refresh, apart from battery capacities. The 360S will reportedly feature a 270 mAh cell, while the larger 360L gets a 375 mAh cell.

    The design of the second-generation Moto 360 is expected to be similar to the original model, albeit with a few tweaks and refinements. A video posted by Motorola's Twitter account last week, before it was swiftly removed, appeared to show a render of the second-gen Moto 360 with a revised strap connector and a new position for the watch's only button.

    For those that were hoping Motorola would use a fully-circular display rather than a 'flat-tire' design like in the original Moto 360, prepare for disappointment as Motorola's video still shows a cut-off display. There's a chance that this isn't a final design, though, so we'll just have to wait for an official announcement to see what the new Moto 360 really looks like.

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  2. alabama man

    alabama man TS Guru Posts: 563   +355

    What would you do with "smart" watch except brag about owning one? Friend looks who calls or texts him but I prefer looking my phone with large hd screen over tiny watch screen. What can you do with these, could someone who owns one explain?
  3. agb81

    agb81 TS Booster Posts: 79   +38

    If I've learned something from TV ads (for the apple watch of course) Is that I definitively would be drawing p*nises and sending them to all my apple-watch abled friends... other than that I don't know what else would be doing.

    Also, if I were spending that kind of money on a watch, I'd rather it be something prettier/longer lasting
  4. caboob

    caboob TS Rookie

    In my line of work , there are moments where I cannot dig into my pocket to look at my phone so the watch is handy to see what's coming through the phone and even take the call on the watch if I really needed to. The watch fits my purpose for it. Your mileage may vary.
    Darth Shiv and agb81 like this.

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