Nforce4 ultra or sli. MSI vs Asus

By ArchVile
Jan 28, 2005
  1. im going to by an athlon 64 system at the end of this semester as a graduatiuon present to myself. :). neway im just wondering if sli is really worth the extra 100 bucks or should i just go with nforce4 ultra.

    also ive been readin a buncha review and they are saying that msi's neo series is better than asus. with socket 754 the neo2 was better than the k8v-se and with 939 the neo platinum was better than the a8v. but on the other hand, asus has always been on top with the new stuff and has an awesome reputation. its a real tough decision to make

    nforce4 ultra or nforce4 sli. asus vs msi
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