NFS: Most Wanted - Power Tuning does not Display?

By osram ยท 6 replies
Dec 17, 2005
  1. Well ive installed the original, unpatched version of NFS MW yesterday and ive been playing quite a while. My next match is Blacklist Member Nr. 13 and I've got 2 "Hot" Pursuit Flames..

    But strangely enough i could never see anything at the power Tuning Category.. not even a locked signal. etc. (And the Checkpoint Races are getting pretty Tough now with Optical Upgrades only. -.-)

    Ive read through some german boards and there are some people saying that you just have to restart the game and it suddenly shows up.

    Another guy meant that you have to "quit" an active race.. and then it would show up..

    i will try it @ home becos i dont think i ever restarted this night before going to work :p

    what about you people? any idea?
  2. PC_Nerd

    PC_Nerd TS Rookie Posts: 82

    power tuning?
  3. Federelli

    Federelli TS Rookie Posts: 361

    You mean Engine power? You can't tune anything when you begin.
  4. PC_Nerd

    PC_Nerd TS Rookie Posts: 82

    yeah you can only tune aftermarket parts
  5. osram

    osram TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    no. its a bug. i mean the performance tuning actually.. you didnt see any locked items nor could you go to the right or left. it was just empty..

    its known that in some cases nfs most wanted doesnt display the performance stuff. after restarting the game it suddenly shows up.

    also i am pretty disappointed.. they could at least have implented some tool to import your own mp3s. the sounds are ok, but dont they realize that not everyone likes listening to.. bull****.. radio.. music over and over again?

    apparently there is absolutely no way as far ive searched thru all the posts on google.. and you can also so some pricks asking for exporting the EA-music-Tracks onto their HD?! wodsefak?
  6. Federelli

    Federelli TS Rookie Posts: 361

    That's not tuning, that's PARTS.

    If you can't see performance parts, then yeah, it's a bug. Never happened to me though. Try using another car.
  7. osram

    osram TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 47

    who's able to read.. has clear advantage. ;)
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