Nike is now peddling a shoe subscription service

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For better or for worse, the subscription model has forever changed retail. From movie tickets and music to video games and now apparently, children’s shoes, you can purchase just about anything if you’re willing to pay a recurring fee for it.

Nike on Monday introduced its first footwear subscription service for children. Dubbed the Nike Adventure Club, the program lets kids swap Nike and Converse shoes on a regular basis to make shopping for footwear as convenient as possible.

“If you like the shoe, you can keep the pair. If you’re ready to replace it, send it back and Adventure Club will send the next pair of your choosing.”

That last bit is a key marketing point for Nike – appealing to recycling-minded consumers that’d prefer to keep old shoes out of landfills. Nike said it will either donate or recycle returned sneakers depending on their condition.

Nike is also hoping to appeal to consumers on a convenience front. Most kids’ feet grow rapidly, necessitating new shoes on a regular basis. Kids are also though on kicks, typically wearing them out far sooner than an adult might.

Conversely, not being able to try shoes on in person before committing to them is a bit of a shortcoming although Nike will work with users to get just the right fit and style.

Interested parties can join Nike’s waitlist for inclusion in the program.

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Uncle Al

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Seriously? So what about those that are returned, will be wearing "seconds" or "retreads"??? and the smell ...... oh my!


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I saw food subscription already, so footwear subscription is not that shocking for me.
Everybody loves the stream! :)

Manu Arg

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I'm not from the US but is it really that expensive to buy your own pair of shoes? with 60 bucks a month I could buy a pair of new Nike shoes every month in my country.