Car Tech Nissan teases glow-in-the-dark car paint that you'll probably never be able to buy

Shawn Knight

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Nissan is experimenting with a new type of paint that makes its vehicles glow in the dark. Known as Starpath, the environmentally-friendly paint could afford drivers a bit more visibility after the sun sets - that is, if Nissan actually...

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Uncle Al

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Glow in the dark deer? Geeezzzzeeeee ... in my neck of the woods it would be like noon in the middle of the night! Anybody need deer? We can ship a few million and never miss them!


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I think this may become real in a few years. With a little brighter glow there may be no more need to use your headlights or rear lights on a motorway.

That, plus adding a projected screen with perfect night vision may eventually eliminate the need for headlights altogether.

We know that better car projectors are coming, and that BMW and Audi are already replacing xenon headlights with laser ones.
Really a beneficial step taken by Nissan; previously we have found that Nissan vehicles are adding different features that are quite beneficial for users and here we have found new features by Nissan about car paint; which will be user friendly for drivers and helpful in driving after sunset. We are hoping that through these beneficial features we can put control over accidents.