No boot sector on hard disk

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Apr 30, 2007
  1. No bootable device-strike F1 key to retry boot, F2 for set-up utility

    Both of these errors are what I get when trying to start up my laptop.

    Well to start off I should probably say that I am trying to install a new hard drive. My last one kept giving me a blue screen when trying to boot up so I bought a new hard drive. So after installing the new hard drive and more memory I put the Window's XP cd and this message is as far as I get. Can anyone help???? I do not have any access to the internet while at home so I am having to go to the local library to get on the internet. Not really to much fun so I would greatly appreciate any help that I can get
  2. raybay

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    If this is a brand new drive that did not come in a fancy box, you likely need to go to the drive manufacturer's web site to download their setup utilties. They are usually required on new OEM drives that are not sold in regular places like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, CompUSA and such.
    Once setup with the manufacturers software, which takes less than a minute, you should expect no further trouble.
    Otherwise, it was probably damaged in shipment, and will be covered under warranty.
  3. whitejak

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    RAYBAY- Thank you for helping me with this, but I looked through their web site and do not know what to get. It is a fujitsu hard drive model no :MHV2120AH Can you help me find the correct download
  4. ceegee

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    "So after installing the new hard drive and more memory I put the Window's XP cd and this message is as far as I get."

    At this point it shou;d be booting the cdrom, check your bios settings make sure
    1) hard drive is recognized by bios
    2) cd is first boot selection, not harddrive

    save settings and xp cd should boot and find your drive and format it during install.

    no matter the drive you do not need maufacturers set programs, as you found out some don't even have any such programs
  5. whitejak

    whitejak TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK now I have new problems.....

    I am getting quite a few errors but all of them are at a blue screen here are a list of them


    acpi.sys F8489CD2 base @ F84700 DateStamp 3b7d8550


    Exception occured in Delldiag.exe! Warning no line mapping found press any key to abort
  6. ceegee

    ceegee TS Rookie

    curious what are your system specs?
    if you have a laptop are you using restore disks or an xp disk?
    if it is a dell, it might expect a hidden partition with restore files in it.
    see here
  7. raybay

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    Here is the location for the Fujitsu hard drive utilities: //

    But as with ceegee, I think we need to know your brand, and model, of computer along with other specs.
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