No bootmgr found

By ladyjb
Jan 15, 2009
  1. Hi, you may recall from my other posts I was hacked really bad. We found the vulernability started from another pc (both pc on their own cables and no sharing permissions but share the same internet through cable) anyway I had to reformat the other pc because it was running with vista and had infected partitions. Only way I could get this to happen is use win 98 tools to remove and format the dell HD. Now when I try to use the dell restore (from factory has the vista OS on it) it simply tells me no bootmgr found EEK!! I know someone out there will get a good laugh off this one but I hope its not too late to be fixed. Can ya help a sister out here as its my BF PC ....OH NO Im in trouble DEEP! Anyway thank you in advance. ladyjb
  2. ladyjb

    ladyjb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    UPDATE ... I found online the recovery iso files for 32 and 64 vista, burned them to cd and that took care of the no boot manager (you can find them here

    Now my big problem is it says no operating system DUH! We knew that LOL we erased it. Hrmm now how do we get it to boot the cds and reinstall
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