"No connection to the internet is available"

By chicagogrl
Dec 26, 2003
  1. DSL connection to the Internet, Windows 2000, IE6. Logged on to my ISP, can browse the internet through IE just fine. However, any time I try to download an update to IE (the stub installer gets dropped down fine but part 2 of the insall doesn't happen because the installer can't find the Windows site), download a Windows service pack update through the Windows site, or register any non-Windows software (ie Zone Alarm won't install unless you register it first, ugh), I get a message that varies with each software, but basically says that 'no connection to the internet is available'. I assume these programs are looking to my IE connection settings to determine how they should get out to their destination IP/site, and the settings are correct. No proxy server, no site blocking enabled anywhere, no firewall. But no programs can find the internet besides the browser. I'm stumped - and I'm so tired of troubleshooting this one. Any ideas?
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Go into Internet Settings (right-click IE on your desktop), select Properties, then tab Connections. Select the current/default connection, then click Settings...
    On the bottom left is a box -Do not allow Internet programs to use these settings-
    Make sure that box is cleared. If it was not, that was your problem.
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