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By ckolbas
Mar 23, 2008
  1. I am trying to set up wireless in my house and sometime my internet connection on the computer says that it can't aqquire a network addy. I have a Dell computer that runs off of Road Runner. So you have the RR box that use to run directly to the back of my tower via a ethernet cable. Now I just got a PS3 and want to be able to set up wireless so that the computer and the ps3 can be online at the same time. I went out and got a linksys 2.4 wireless broadband router. So, now I ran the ethernet cable from the black box to the router, and then another ethernet cable that runs from the back of the router to the tower. The ps3 was picking up a connection via wireless. I played on it for like 12 hours last night had to go do family things and when I just got back I got nothing when I went to go and play. So, I checked the computer...nothing there either. I unpluged the router and just ran a ethernet cable from the box to the computer and that is how I am putting up this post. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. tonylukac

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    Power down

    Before reconnecting cables, try powering down and up your router next time. That may do it. You may need to upgrade the firmware, as they always tell you, but don't do it until you've used it a few days to see if it's just a fluke. Sometimes, microwaves and cordless phones interfere with wireless. Make sure you have 5.8GHz cordless phones and/or select other than the default channel on your router. Every router is different, so I couldn't tell you how here. Consult your manual, usually on the included CD, to see how to change the channel. Good luck.
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    There are also known issues with some Linksys routers and running the PS3 wirelessly. I saw an instance where any attempt to get online with the PS3 caused the router to reboot, kicking off everyone.

    I'd turn off the PS3 completely, and unplug/replug the router, and then reboot your computer while connected to the router. If you can't get on then, try to at least connect to your router (probably // if you can't do that, then I'd do a reset on the router, I don't remember the specifics but it involves depressing the reset button on the router while unplugged or something, you better look up how to do it for your router if you don't already know.
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