"No CPU installed " audio message, endless loop


No cpu installed

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By Dennis millar
Nov 17, 2016
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  1. Capture1.PNG Capture2.PNG Capture3.PNG Capture4.PNG Hi guys,

    I have an old gaming pc that I built a few years back that I stopped using due to the dreaded audio message "No CPU installed". Drove me nuts and never figured out how to get that darn message to go away.
    Well, I recently pulled the PC out of a dark corner of the closet, covered in dust, and fired it up. Well, I had totally forgotten abouut the dreaded message until the system booted up and Windows 7 loaded and opened up. There she was "No CPU Installed" "No CPU Installed" "No CPU Installed"!!!!!!!
    This time I determined to fix this once and for all. Once I figured ot how to shut that message down, I was shocked at how simple it was. My system runs Ac'97 Audio. I happened to click on volume icon, at lower right....taskbar in notification area. Once you click on volume icon and it expands, click on speaker icon at top of volume bar, next popup is "speakers properties". Next, click on "Levels" tab. Within "levels list" you will see PC speaker level, I muted that and...........No more "No CPU Installed" message. All other system volumes work as expected! Hope this help you guys that have been pulling your hair on resolving this issue, I know I now have a bald spot. :)
  2. bluto 2050

    bluto 2050 TS Addict Posts: 270   +33

    I never had the issue ( have had PC's here ,(some home built ) since windows 3.0 ) but if that PC is ruining AC 97 audio codecs it is an antique and maybe you didn't fix it you and just turned the internal speaker /beeper [off ] instead ☺

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