No internet connection - sort of

By monton
Jun 17, 2008
  1. I have a dual boot XP Pro and Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon. Mostly I use the Linux OS for everyday use and web access. I tried to connect to the web in XP and it tells me there is no connection. The icon on the taskbar shows that I am connected at 1 GB to the network. Microsoft downloaded updates in the background so I am connected yet Firefox and Ie7 tell me I'm not connected. I ran the connection wizard(s) with no luck. I ran the Dx and it reported a problem with the winsock catalog and I asked it to reset it to the default but that didn't work either, I have had a connection in the past. How to proceed?
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    Have you installed any new software lately or perhaps made changes or updates to any firewall that you are using? Do you have anti-virus and spyware software to check if you have some sort of malware on your system?
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