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No longer running games smoothly

By Jaime Berry ยท 4 replies
Feb 24, 2018
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  1. Hello, I have a i5 7400 and a GTX 1050ti and I used to run GTA V smoothly without a problem (using GeForce experience optimal settings) but after I don't know why now it has stutter lag and can't run properly. Any advice on what may be cousing the problem?
  2. delrey

    delrey TS Booster Posts: 166   +48

    Please provide the rest of your specs. Memory, PSU, etc... Is it home built or a prebuilt (what brand)?
    Here are some common things to look into as you are getting the rest of your specs:
    Could be the graphic drivers. What version are you running? If the latest, then revert to an older set.
    Have you installed a program or changed something recently on the computer?
    If you have 8GB of memory, double check your memory usage.
    Does the computer perform fine for daily tasks? How about other games?
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  3. Jaime Berry

    Jaime Berry TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The PC was home build with new parts, it has 8 GB of DDR4, Power supply is a nJoy- Woden 650 (80 plus gold) , motherboard is an ASUS Prime B250-PRO. Yes I am using the latest drivers for my motherboard and GPU. I don't think I installed something that has recently changed anything. In other games it runs all right, sometimes, when playing a more demanding game, ex: Fallout 4, there is a hard framedrop when moving into large populated areas.
  4. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 3,617   +986

    Fallout4 is a terrible 'test' for FPS issues because Bethesda did a lousy job optimizing. To make it bearable, I have been using a mod... https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/10283/ . There are others which might help as well.

    If you are experiencing lag in a properly programmed game (Witcher 3, perhaps) then I would check for fragmenting on HDD, confirm TRIM on SSD and rig a second monitor to watch RAM usage while playing. The GPU has 4GB and does a good job for a 128 bit bandwidth. 8GB is usually sufficient, but more is merrier.
  5. delrey

    delrey TS Booster Posts: 166   +48

    Also, to add what @Cycloid Torus stated, try reverting back a couple version of GPU drivers. I had to recently as the latest Geforce drivers where causing some stuttering issues on BF1. I reverted back two versions and it runs fine now.

    The extra memory will definitely help. I believe every gamer should have 16GB.

    I would also look into your graphic settings on each of your games to make sure you're not over taxing the GPU in certain situations. The 1050ti is a good card but it does have it's limitations, especially with newer games. The 4GB frame buffer shouldn't be the problem, but the GPU HP may be your limiting factor and simply pushing it too much.

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