No Nvidia Killer? Big Navi's best could match the RTX 2080 Ti, fall short of the RTX 3080...


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Sapphire Technologies talks all things GPU and PC gaming | The Full Nerd special edition

I'm currently watching this video. They talk about enthusiast vs average gamer (20:00 onwards, just watch the whole thing). Some of you need to watch this

54:55 troll answer about big navi
58:00 driver talk
1:12:00 gpu sag
1:35:40 sapphire nitro cards in smaller countries. (they get off the shelves very fast) @ australians and prices: talk to your government. lol
1:41:00 sapphire atomic and toxic
1:44:40 why sapphire no nvidia cards. lol the answer
1:47:00 images and talk of former card packaging/boxes
2:03:20 innovation GPU coolers
2:07:30 liquid cooling
2:12:00 aftermarket stuff in GPUs
2:13:25 amd nvidia about agreeing on a standard
2:16:15 "bitching" about user questions
2:16:30 operation fit gamer and physical health in gaming. walking 30 minutes a day
2:21:45 tuning and completionism in hardware from same brand
2:24:15 star trek
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