No post from boot on a Velocity Micro ASUS C90S


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I dont know if this is the beest place to post at so for give me

well I have had this portabul desktop (lap top) siting in the closet for about a year.

velocity micro "notemagix x20"
Intel core 2 duo E6600,dual 2.4ghz,4mb l2 cache(non integrated)
2gb Corsair pc5300 ddr2 sodimm memory
512mb NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT(non integrated)
160gb 5400rpm,sata2.5,8mb cache
mobo: ASUS C90S
multi boot win Xp / win Vista

wen I go to boot it the fans,HDD,led funktion display lights turn on.
No Mo.Bo beeps.Screen is black(not lit up) no indication of it turning on.

I have tryed unpluging every component to see if the Mo.Bo. will beep.
the only 2 that I did not unplug wer cpu and gpu (grafixs card)

I have try'd plugging in and external monitor but I thaink os or bios has to set that up to turn on extra monitor.
The external monitor normaly has a msg saying no signal input or cable disconnected.
but wen its plugged in to the lap top the screen is on stand by.
I try'd using a flash light to see if its the back lighting.

I heard that wen gpu goes dead(not dead but mia) you can stick it in the oven or if u have a heat gun it will clean it or something like that. causse is from heating and cooling frequently.

so im gesing its the monitor,gpu or the mobo !

any help plz..I spent 1.3k on this pc and im not ritchy ritch >_<