No Power at all

By DJBarrett
Aug 15, 2006
  1. I was trying to install my daughters IPOD, but neither of my CD drives worked. They were not even showing up on the control panel. I used both of them not a week ago to make copies. The only help the troubleshooting was, was to check the connections. I took off the side panel after shutting down and taking out the power cord. All the connections looked fine. I changed one, but that didnt help so I put all the connectios back where they were. I turned the computer on and off a few times without a problem, but still no CD drives. I took off the front panel, although I'm still not sure what I thought I would do. Now the computer will not turn on. When I push the on botton, I get nothing, no lights, no fan, no nothing, and I have no idea what I did or how...except that maybe I should have left the front panel alone in the first place. Its a Dell 4600. Maybe 2 1/2 years old. Any help is appreciated before I have to take to some place and have it looked at.
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