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By tony007
Jun 13, 2010
  1. Although I have been a member here fow a while this is my first question so hi everyone. I am working on a laptop with w7 ultimate The box for search programs and files is not showing in start menu. Just all programs shows where search programs and files is supposed to be. Is it different on w7 ultimate? I am used to premium. If its not how will I get the box to show. I've just had another look all thats showing at the bottom is an arrow all programs. No box underneath it with search programs and files. I have been here if you scroll down a little way you will see a picture of the start menu with the search programs and files on the bottom this is not there, so how do I put it there? I have had a look in programs and features turn windows features on or off and windows search is checked.
  2. tony007

    tony007 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Decided not to look for a fix for this anymore, I will just use the windows + f key if I want to find anything in future.
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